My Skincare Journey

I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I have spent on skincare over the years, I have bad skin everywhere, and skin problems all over my body. I could be here for weeks discussing my insecurities about the scarring on my arms and the stretch marks on my legs but I’ll just stick to my face today.

I’m an unfortunate when it comes to skin, from birth I’ve been slathered in prescription E45 until I got to the dreaded teens. I was convinced my skin was too dry for bad acne. NOPE! I had bad acne and dry flaky skin. No product relieving the one issue without worsening the other. I had to choose whether I wanted to be spotty or dry on my face, some winters got so bad it would crack and bleed and I was left with scars and stretch marks from the lack of elasticity.

By about seventeen when I had just about tried every moisturiser or spot treatment from the drug store, I decided I needed to expand my price range because nothing affordable worked. When I got a job and was able to buy my own products I went high end and have been relatively happy since with some iffy days or months here and there, I’ve bought Clinique, Clarins, Dior, a combination of cleansers and toners from the various up market brands, a combination of drugstore cleansers and high end moisturisers, however I do often come running back to Clinique at the next available opportunity, despite rumours that the products can be harsh, maybe I need harsh!

A few months ago I had to go to a winter wedding and my skin was dried up from the cold weather and the stress of finding something to wear that I wasn’t going to freeze in for the dreaded group photo. It does not accept make up at this stage and it ruined the day for me. I kept catching a glimpse of myself when I could just to see how much worse it had gotten. It was awful. Although thankful it wasn’t my wedding and most people were ignoring me I still felt that I tainted the couples photos with my hideousness and that thought wouldn’t go away. I had used, prior to the day No.7 oils and masks, and new moisturisers to try to tame it but nothing would sink in, and the oils rested on the surface and my face became worse than I had ever seen it! That was the end of that! Once the wedding was over and it was the day after the stressful day before, I slunk off home, make up-less except for eyebrows, with my satin dress in a suit bag and hoped that nobody was close enough to notice or cared enough to log into memory the state of my face.

I suffer with light scarring you see, and not wearing make up is a no-no for me, so when my face is too dry to wear foundation or concealer my heart does sink into my stomach. So at the moment my regime (I hate that word) is Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, it’s quite thick but it’s the consistency that I need, followed by Loreal micellar water, then onto Clinique Moisture Surge and finishing with Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion+ to be sure my face is hydrated, I also occasionally whip out a Nature Love hyaluronic face mask when I’m bored. These products work well for me, The cleanser can seem a little heavy in the summer but in the winter it’s great and again on hot summer days I forego the extra lotion, but lets face it, there aren’t many of those days around here..

My foundation of choice after many, many experimentations with drugstore brands like Bourjois and Rimmel (super, super spotty) is Dior Forever and with my skin I need something that does last forever, I had to sit awkwardly on a high stool while a stranger blotted at my face to test it out, walked around a little and decided it was the one for me!

My whole regime costs approximately £130 which is a lot for some but when you’ve wasted so much money on so many products (probably thousands of pounds!) it’s not too bad.

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Telford Hotel & Golf Resort

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not an avid golfer. 

A few weeks ago my Mom and Stepdad moved house and I did a lot of running around for them. I didn’t mind of course, I offered help whenever needed and it was gratefully received, and as you do, I didn’t expect anything in return so it was a complete surprise when I discovered my Stepdad had bought a Groupon voucher for me to go to a day spa. 

So, situated in Telford there’s a modern hotel and golf club approximately 5 miles from the main shopping centre with a glorious day spa tucked away at the side of the main hotel entrance. 

Now I’m no connoisseur of spas, I have only been to a handful and most of which were treatment only, these places were ill equipped and unable to keep you comfortable and occupied for long periods of time, so you just went home once you were done with your massage. I’d never had the experience of staying anywhere longer than that, some are so cold and have a harsh or outdated decor or occasionally remind me of a dental surgery.

We rolled up in the pouring rain at 10am, late and flustered and having to sprint across the car park. Once inside we were welcomed warmly despite our lateness (a road was closed, we had to use a diversion which took longer) in a very modestly sized reception/waiting area and rushed through the usual forms, illness, ailments, medication etc. Three girls swiftly came out to take us to our treatment rooms and the relaxing began…

I lay for 25 minutes enjoying a back, neck and scalp massage and then another 25 in pure bliss as my face was oiled and scrubbed and oiled again and then moisturised (I have very dry skin so this was amazing) they called this a mini facial and I’ll admit it was my favourite one out of the two. The Espa products they use there successfully managed to remove all my dead skin cells and as an added bonus the fragrances managed to calm my hectic mind.

I was so self conscious of my body prior to arriving but the dim lighting everywhere was not only calming but generous to those with a few more lumps and bumps than others, it highlighted nothing allowing me to comfortably move from pool to sauna to steam room to showers.

I felt the changing rooms were a little small, there weren’t really enough loungers by the pool as there were guests but despite that, I had such a wonderful and relaxing time using the facilities included with the voucher and met a few friendly people in the steam room (who I almost sat on).

To finish our treat day, we dressed and tottered on over to the bar and restaurant, utterly ravenous, and found a few guests dressed in robes and the odd golf member enjoying a cool drink, seen as they couldn’t play in the rain. The staff it seemed would do anything for you including bringing over a tray of tea and a gorgeous Danish pastry (which has now become my favourite thing). We stayed until the drinks ran out and there were no more light bites left and ventured home.
Purchasing this type of voucher is difficult as they sell out so quickly on the Groupon website, but it’s really worth a shot if you love a little pamper from time to time.

Groupon – Telford Hotel and Golf Resort
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Love Thy Sister

I was thirteen and just about coming to the end of my childish staring faze, you know the one that causes offence to anyone. When you’re a kid you stare, you just do, when you like something or when you find something unusual. You haven’t learned not to gawk at people and how rude and sometimes upsetting it can be to them. It used to be cute when you were really small, aw look, she’s trying to figure me out, bless.

So, one day I was shopping with my sister as usual, we were laughing and talking about everything as always. Harmless to anyone the both of us, having already gone through that awkward gothic stage and as a result less judgemental of any one who presented themselves differently. Mouth wide open mid cackle at a joke my sister made, I suddenly locked eyes with a beautiful girl… My gaze and laughter was received with an uncomfortable expression. I’m afraid I had accidentally offended her with no intention of doing so. She was a red headed stunner with a painted red lip, wearing an emerald green tailored jacket, I envied her model look and style, she was a vision. She was one of the first girls I found inspiring, this was a time when red lips weren’t so fashionable, it was all nude gloss and lilac eye shadow back then, so she truly did stand out!

I wish that I could’ve said to her then that I thought she looked amazing but unfortunately it’s not normal to do that and now I’m older I really don’t know why. I wish I could’ve boosted her confidence and reassured her that my laughter was not aimed at her but she was just that striking she caught my eye and I may have looked for longer than necessary. I’ve seen many women since who I’ve been itching to walk over to say that their shoes look fab or compliment their hair colour, because you don’t get much positivity from women for whatever reason, you see it so much in the celebrity world in particular those comments on Serena and her ‘man-ish’ figure that kept circulating, which of course were hurtful and plain f***ing stupid, she looks amazing in a dress! 

The Kardashian/Jenners get a lot of abuse and most supermodels with protruding hip bones. Recently I’ve seen trolling of a shocking nature on the social media accounts of my favourite bloggers that could leave permanent scars, especially the comments aimed at their children. Horrific.

Having looked at life from both sides (cue Joni Mitchell solo) and experienced hate from being different to a low level of jealousy from owning something enviable. I was educated on the suffragettes, I was raised to value and respect human life and although women may not be equal to men and will eternally fight that war, we damn well should at least be equal to each other and unite. Grab a paddle ladies and we’ll get out of this creek faster!

Happy Valentine’s Day


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On My Wish List…

From Decembers Payday to Januarys, the long road through sale heaven is an excruciating journey. It’s so hard to resist buying every fantastic deal you see, and there are some great ones around. My way of coping with a distinct lack of funds is by creating my little wish list of the first things I will buy once that glorious day arrives to take away my winter blues.

  1. I’ve recently fell in love with Pandora jewellery as a more affordable alternative to my usual Tiffany & Co ultimate bankruptcy splurges. The rings are particularly lovely and I’ve zoned in on this Delicate Sentiments ring for the reasonable-ish price of £125, plastered in cubic zirconia with a pretty bow, I couldn’t make myself consider a cheaper one once I saw this baby!
  2. My skin needs help in winter, I’m very dry, flaky and achey throughout the whole winter season and at the moment I’m slapping on a whole lot of Clinique Moisture Surge Intense, which I’m pretty sure that means it has become inaffective in assisting with my flaky battle so I’m opting for a brand I’ve not yet tried but have been dying to! £50 is a bit more than what I’d usually spend but I appear to be running out of reputable moisturisers to try. 
  3. I’ve had my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for a few years, it’s still going strong and so well pigmented it’s lasting forever, but I can’t stop my wandering eyes from gawking at the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette for £38.50. This one comes and goes from my wish list because I have one palette with all the colours I need and only buy another when the current runs out, so I’d be breaking my rule by buying this. 
  4. I wouldn’t call myself a Topshop fan if I didn’t covet at least one item from the store. Truth is, there is always something I ‘need’ every pay day and this month it is this prom skirt for £80, simply because I have to go to a wedding at the end of the month (which makes me uncomfortable fashion wise, I don’t do fascinators!) and I feel like I could be content in a prom style skirt in the cold country weather of the season. Praying it doesn’t snow because I’m fresh out of snow boots that match formal wear! 
  5. And finally, it wouldn’t be a wish list without something utterly unaffordable for the time of year (Christmas spending recovery time) and mine is Dior floral cat eye sunglasses. The sun is bright and low and piercing my delicate pupils, yes I buy my sunglasses in winter and these beauties caught my eye on and I couldn’t help but desire them to brighten my winter, but for a whopping £310 for the shelter of my precious eyes of course I can’t justify it, but I can still stare at their beauty. 

What’s on your wish list for the first pay day of the year?

Happy New Year!


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