My (Non)Fitness Journey (So Far)

It started in school, the teacher told me I could run fast so she put me in the best teams for the relay races on sports day, we always won. We always knew we would win. Long legs galloping across the field in the baking heat, with infinite energy reserves, we could run home afterward.

It was a few years later when I attempted to run the full length of a football pitch and got too tired half way, in fact I don’t even think I made it half way. I’d certainly lost my level of fitness from childhood. I took up yoga at the leisure centre, and loved it but no one else did and I couldn’t bring myself to go alone, when I couldn’t hear the instructor I relied on others to get the next move right. That was the end of that.

Then, the Nintendo Wii craze began, and I started to pick up my longevity again because that was fun exercise. I maintained a slim but healthy body, I think I was mid-teens then. I remember my accompanying strict diet of Evian and salads. I was a bit of a strange kid and felt embarrassed buying junk food for some reason that no one knows, so I did live on healthy foods a lot, but also I had bad acne and thought it would help my skin – it didn’t.

When the Wii Fit fad died off I made the terrible mistake of not replacing it with anything else, I still walked to college and back everyday but it wasn’t enough. When I moved on to university, it was more of the same, walking and bits of healthy food, I was still a size ten so I was happy.

The dreaded first car. When I finished university and to improve my chances of finding work I got my first car. It’s all over now. I could drive to McDonalds! Seriously, if I could put all together the amount of chicken nuggets I have consumed since 2010 because of my car, I think I’d throw up. I met my fiancé a year later, he liked pizza and beer and regular chocolate. Once again I did no exercise, I began to get comfortable but this was also a time I became extremely unhappy with my body, and with other aspects of my life, so what did I do? I ate, and drove, and ate….

Now, I never had good knees, at least not since my growth spurt, but they started to buckle under the extra weight, it was starting to hurt to walk and sometimes driving hurt a little. I had to do something. This takes me up to the last couple of months, and I joined a gym – women only – I paid £4 to do the best I could to get some vague level of healthy. I went only once a week though but in my eyes that was better than nothing but gyms become so boring, but I found that I was catching a cold every week, it was making me more tired, not energised and I felt like something was wrong so I felt I had to stop. I haven’t been back since, I only occasionally walk about and I did a little ten minute jog in the pouring rain and almost suffocated in my sports bra. It became so hard to breathe I thought I’d caused my lungs to collapse for a second, what the hell?!

I think I push myself too hard in short spaces of time, as I’m getting older I would probably be better suited to making small changes, and controlling my diet more carefully. I have been doing mini yoga stints while watching the evening news, I’ve switched to ‘light’ everything in food and condiments and I think that’s the best I may get for a while without making myself constantly unwell.

Current MeasurementsAge: 28

Bust: 36″

Waist: 31″

Hips: 45″

Size: 12-14

Weight: 11.2st

Goal Measurements

Age: 22 (pa-ha)

Bust: 34″

Waist: 28″

Hips: 40″

Size: 10-12

Weight: 9.5-10st

I Did It!!

I survived January! 

I attended the most beautiful wedding over the weekend, for which I had been saving all of my energy for, and now I can finally get back to doing what I do best… shopping. In fact the weekend wasn’t over before I began browsing again – I know I have a problem.

I’ve gained a little weight over the past week, not a major amount but just enough that my jeans have become slightly uncomfortable around the waist. It’s just the wonderful hormones kicking in and making unhealthy food smell so good and chocolate so appealing. 

One day I stayed inside and ordered everything to come to me, and when the food arrived and I was packing it all away, I sneaked a Twix, then as I saw that the garden was frost bitten I thought to myself that a hot chocolate would be lovely. My whole week was the same, oh I’ll just have one, maybe two, maybe the packet. 

The wedding food completed my week as did two full English breakfasts and more chocolates when I got home. I felt like a balloon stuffing chocolate brownie with a dollop of clotted cream down my neck following on from a beautiful lentil soup starter and roast beef main, by the time the coffees arrived I was close to throwing up but I was so fantastically satisfied by that feeling of well and truly having my fill of food.

Sadly, I’m back into the not so sparkly real world where I have to cook for myself and it’s not as fun as having a smartly dressed waiter serve me my favourite meals and top up my glass whenever I take a sip. I’m going to have to be nice to myself and buy myself some jeans for the sake of comfort until I drop that extra weight.


Topshop vintage blue Mom jeans £40

I bought these during my online browsing Sunday evening and thought they looked so super comfy and I had never bought any Mom jeans when the style was re-released. Now felt like a good time.

As I am the way that I am, I cannot buy only one item, I must make it worth my while by having at least two, so with it being the month of luuurve very shortly I found myself a plain red long sleeve top with bell sleeves (my new favourite detail on tops and blouses) and thought I’d love to wear a comfortable tee to our Valentines meal as we don’t make too much of a huge deal out of it but we always go for a meal some time during the Valentine’s week, no candles or sweet nothings whispered, no gifts just a simple meal. I thought it would be nice to wear a casual top but unlike my usual black/white/grey colour scheme. Red it is.



I cannot wait to try these on as an outfit and apart, I just have to wait for my confirmation of arrival and I can go pick them up! 


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